Class Descriptions

Forward Bending Vinyasa Yoga Sequence (with Lyndsay):

Taught to accommodate all levels of practice. A challenging and vigorous set series of postures, starting with sun salutations, that emphasize forward bending, the turning of the joints of the legs, and beginning arm balancing to develop more arm-to-core intelligence and floating movements. Ideal for the yogi who appreciates developing the forward bend and accessing more core strength. 

Back Bending Vinyasa Yoga Sequence (with Lyndsay):

Taught to accommodate all levels of practice. A challenging and vigorous set series of postures, starting with sun salutations, that emphasize back bending, inversions for all levels of practice, and deeper development in the opening of the hips.

Yoga Boot Camp (with Lyndsay):

Taught to accommodate all levels of practice. This class is offered to bring emphasis to the various techniques of strength and mobility to aid in the overall integration and development of the asana practice. Each Boot Camp is unique, and taught according to the varying levels of student in each class. Classes always begin with sun salutations.

Pick-a-Pose Vinyasa (with Lyndsay):

Each student chooses a posture to work on and understand with more clarity. This class can be very challenging or very restorative, depending on the choices of those in attendance each Friday. Classes always begin with sun salutations. 

Roll and Flow (with Ruth):

A class perfect for beginners or those seeking to dive deeper into a new yoga practice. Slower paced, offering intelligent cues to bring the body to a more open, stable center. Props, such as blocks, straps and rollers may be used to help open the body to new experience. 

Tango Fundamentals (with John):

A solid introduction to the traditional Argentinian dance with the opportunity to grow your skills within any given class. The instruction moves quickly, and is based upon the levels of the students in attendance. 

Aikido for Children aged 8-12 (with Frank):

A children's version of the ancient martial art, taught by the kid whisperer, Frank Apodaca. Children will learn tumbling skills, body awareness in falling and floating, skillfully moving their bodies, using core strength, and finding balance in body and mind for children. 

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