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Current Shala Class Offerings

Intro to Vinyasa/All-levels Vinyasa Classes with Lyndsay/Anna:

This class is intended and accessible for all levels -- beginner friendly and for students who have been practicing and are comfortable with typical vinyasa yoga classes. The class is focused on use of yogic technique and yogic alignment that provides for a deeper understanding of energetics and finding balance in the body and mind. We will work on heart and hip opening as well as spinal alignment through one-legged sun salutations, select standing poses, seated postures and accessible inversions. These classes supported with the experience and expertise of Lyndsay Bahn. 


Intermediate-Advanced Classes with Lyndsay:

Taught at a skillful, energetic level and intended for practitioners with at least 6-12 months of regular practice, but open to willing and energetic beginners. These classes present challenging and vigorous sequences of postures and vinyasa, starting with 10-20 minutes of sun salutations to include many chatturanga dandasanas. Classes emphasize and instruct in detail the use of alignment, proper energetics/yogic technique and sensation over postural achievement through bandha-based forward bending, backward bending, the exploration of the joints of the legs and arms, arm balancing to develop more arm- and leg-to-core intelligence and floating movements, and the development of twists and leg-behind-the-head postures. Ideal for the yogi who appreciates developing his or her practice with the understanding that it is a lifelong commitment that promotes transformation, growth, stillness of mind, firmness of body and cheerfulness of heart. This class is held in the afternoons, 1-2:35pm, 5 days a week in 8-week sessions. These classes supported with the experience and expertise of Lyndsay Bahn. Please register in advance for this class.

All levels class offerings with Ti Harmony - Loving Kindness Yoga School at Yoga Shala Carrboro

These classes are firmly grounded in depth of movement for all levels and bodies. Look for longer, deeper holds in postures, with precision of alignment of body, heart and soul. Ti teaches a daily schedule of classes, as well as Friday night kirtans and teacher trainings. Visit the Loving Kindness Yoga School website for more information:

Mindful Movement with Sam Sather & Team

An awareness-based gentler class perfect for beginners or those seeking to dive into a deeper understanding of body awareness through yoga practice. Slower paced, offering intelligent cues to bring the body to a more open, stable center. Props, such as blocks, straps and rollers may be used to help open the body to new experience. This class is held 2 days a week, W/F 10-11:15am. Signup here.

Size-Inclusive Yoga with Iryna

Monday evenings 6-7:15pm! This class provides a safe, non-judgmental space for people of all shapes and sizes to practice yoga through body awareness, breath, movement, and stillness. We will move through gentle seated and standing poses and include a short flowing sequence each week. Ample time will be devoted to relaxation and integration at the end of each class. While this class is suitable for all levels, the ability to get down on the floor and up again is needed. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat. For more info or to register, click here.

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