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Shala Etiquette

*The door will be locked when class begins and latecomers will not be admitted. Students should expect to stay for the entire class unless previously discussed with the instructor. 


*Wear form-fitting, comfortable clothing that will stay on your body if you are upside-down! Bring a yoga mat and a hand towel.

A yoga mat cover/towel is helpful as well as mats can get slippery when sweaty.


*Chanting OM, and our scriptural mantras are a part of the practices Chanting Sanskrit has been proven to calm and focus the mind, and you can expect to chant in every class. It is a respectful practice and promotes the deepening of any devotional practices in any tradition.


*Ujjayi breathing is a required and intregal component of yoga asana and is emphasized and used in every vigorous practice. It is a sounded breath that allows for a focused mind and body. Expect to hear it loudly in the practice space. 


*The physical yoga practices emphasize the use of the core muscles of the body, allowing for the mobility of the limbs to support the strength of the you do not have to be flexible to do yoga -- but it sure does help to be efficient and strong!


*This practice is not about judgment; it is about awareness. Expect to be a part of a loving, nurturing environment oozing with authenticity and lacking tolerance in pretension.


*We use physical hands-on directive assists and adjustments in our teaching style, generally, but we have suspended this practice for the time being for the safety and health of all involved.

However, it is an integral component to the practice and to the tradition of teaching asana. Students should discuss with the instructor any issue with assists prior to entrance into class. It is otherwise assumed that students are in attendance for the receipt of the energetic exchange this way.


*Yoga is an individual path, but energy in relating is shared at The Shala. Please be respectful of other students' space, dedication and focus by remaining focused on your body and mind. 


*Always respect the instruction of the teacher as sequences and asanas are taught from direct experience and wisdom from the practice. Effectively receiving instruction as it is given is a matter of safety as well as deepening into the practice.

*Due to the nature of what we do, no refunds are given unless significant extenuating circumstances are at play.



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