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Yogi Lifestyle Training

Lyndsay Bahn has been dedicated to the full-time practice and study of the 8 Limb Path, the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita and the physical and subtle body in all shapes, sizes and phases since 2006. She is available for on-the-mat and off-the-mat individual training for all levels of practice from beginner to advanced.

Yoga asana has been taught as a healing modality for thousands of years in a traditional sense. Private instruction in the asana practice can help you to obtain a deeper understanding of your basic asana practice through specific techniques for advancement in your personal journey. And, it can also be a tremendous platform for coming to the yoga mat with an injury, a pre-/post-/pregnant body, or for physical therapeutic benefit of all kinds. Lyndsay applies years of experience with the body (hers as well as hundreds of others) to her teaching and is knowledgable in providing anatomical and energetic cues to bring you to higher levels of focus and understanding of your body through age-old vinyasa (specific movement & breath patterns) techniques. 


Please see below for a run-down of sample available trainings. All available options can be individual or for a small group of your choosing, and scheduling will be arranged depending on the needs of the student.


Private asana instruction 

90 minute Vinyasa practice: $200
90 minute ongoing (at least once/week) Vinyasa practice: $175
60 minute restorative, prenatal or other specialized yoga instruction: $175
Skype/Facetime Lessons: $175/hour
Semi-private instruction for a group of your choosing: $200 - 5 students or less/$250 - 6 students or more


Private philosophy instruction - samples of available options

3 hour mini-overview and introduction to yoga philosophy
8 Hour Bhagavad Gita weekend study session
8 Hour overview of Yoga Sutras weekend study session
20 Hour in-depth study of the Yoga Sutras, Book 1
20 Hour in-depth study of the Yoga Sutras, Book 2
Philosophy or other lessons of your choosing/customized requests: $100 per hour


One-on-One Teaching Instruction - Certification & Teacher Authorization 

For those who wish to learn more in the areas of assists & adjustments, verbal cues, anatomy of movement, sequencing and overall knowledge and instruction is available to those who practice at least 4 days per week with Lyndsay, and are looking to expand their knowledge of teaching for the betterment of the community and yoga in general. This training is meant for the very serious classical yogi.


First-time yoga teacher authorization is available starting at a 500-hour level equivalent for our knowledge-based (not hour-based) certification and endorsement to teach. This is a one-on-one intensive lifestyle study immersion, and is available only to students who have been practicing with Lyndsay for 4 years or longer, average of 4 days per week. Rates are $100 per hour and the student completes the program when he/she shows proficiency in all areas covered throughout training, not at a specific date. Teachers trained through these programs may be offered the option of teaching at The Shala upon completion.


Certification programs are available for the serious yogi looking to deepen the practice without necessarily the intent to teach. These programs plunge the student into the depths of the daily practice (sadhana) and prepare a student for the potential to be authorized to teach at some point in the future. Intensive certification programs include: Vinyasa training, Yoga Sutra study/chanting, Sanskrit chanting, Bhagavad Gita study, anatomy, physiology, yoga history, mantra, pranayama, meditation, subtle body study and nutrition.


Contact Lyndsay at 919-704-5365 or lyndsay{at} if you are interested in going beyond your work on the mat to something more profound but are not sure where to begin. When the student is ready, the teacher will be available.



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