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Podcast: Walk the Walk with Yogi Lyndsay

Hi folks, if you aren't getting enough in person or via this blog, please feel free to connect through my new podcast. Note: the first couple of episodes were challenging as I've learned how to do dharma talks without my students but to a computer screen, but it's getting more cohesive and I'm happy to share.

As a social media hermit, I ask that if you find something helpful to you about this podcast, please share it with your online community -- a little love, tolerance, compassion and patience goes a long way, and that's what we're aiming for with this in Walking the Walk - discussions on how to bring the sacred into every day life.

Please enjoy the latest podcast on "Grounding into Forgiveness" : Walk the Walk with Yogi Lyndsay Bahn (Spotify)

Please enjoy. As always, it is my privilege to serve.



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